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One of the most unique and integral aspects of SCS & Associates, Inc. is that its team of expert investigators and consultants is comprised almost entirely of former law enforcement professionals, each with more than 20 years' investigative experience in local, state or federal law enforcement. Each former law enforcement professional serves in a consulting area of investigative expertise, creating in SCS, a comprehensive offering of forensic consulting and business intelligence services.

Other specialists perform additional consulting, surveillance, technical, computer forensics and research services in support of SCS’s team of experts. Further, SCS’s consultants network with select former law enforcement officers and intelligence service agents around the world. These highly experienced, multitalented specialists combine their intimate local knowledge and high-level contacts with expertise in specific investigative and intelligence areas.

SCS investigators are experts at gathering evidence and establishing facts to help our clients decide which course of action best protect people, assets and reputations. 

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