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Legal Support Services

Litigation Support SCS & Associates, Inc. provides law firms and corporate legal counsel with professional comprehensive litigation support services. With years of experience providing litigation support to state and federal prosecutors, our private investigators are uniquely qualified to conduct discreet inquiries and investigations in support of all types of civil litigation.

SCS brings you a wide variety of litigation support services, from on-the-scene and pre-trial investigation research to concluding analysis and expert testimony. Our litigation support specialists provide the information and advisory services you need to substantiate material allegations, locate and determine motives of witnesses, and analyze exhibits and critical facts. 

At SCS, we understand that counsel frequently operates under time constraints, and we make ourselves available on short notice. Whether we're investigating employee theft, embezzlement, fraud, forgery or other illegal internal financial activities, our litigation support services team completes each assignment quickly and carefully, with the highest degree of professionalism and discretion.

Locating Witnesses, Witness Statements, Pretrial Investigations, Asset Searches, Intellectual Property  Investigations, Deposition Intelligence, along with Photography, Still, Video and Covert are all part of our Litigation Support Services.

Intellectual Property - i.e., trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, and trade secrets, gives organizations their competitive advantages. Infringement, dilution and piracy, or misadministration and theft erode the value of an organization’s Intellectual Property and can result in consumer danger, loss of market share, and harm to a firm’s reputation. SCS provides guidance on strategic issues concerning the protection and enforcement or the expansion of a company’s Intellectual Property portfolio.  

Witness Statements - the foundation of any civil or criminal investigation is the ability to communicate with the witnesses. The investigators at SCS take pride in our ability to obtain complete, detailed and factual information from these witnesses. We are very experienced in determining the method of documenting the observations of these witnesses as it pertains to the event.

Asset Searches - SCS provides asset searches to corporations, law firms, financial institutions, and governmental agencies. Our ability to work quickly and with the utmost concern for your privacy has earned us the distinction as a top asset search firm.

Due Diligence - Corporate reputation and good will, along with brand name equity, are earned over many years. These are among a company’s most valuable and most delicate assets. In today's "mass media" environment, a single transaction or bad association can create frenzy for scandal, causing irreparable damage to a company’s good name. Thorough corporate due diligence of potential partners, clients, and employees is necessary to reduce these risks and minimize exposure to protracted and harmful litigation. Due Diligence is the systematic and specific acquisition of information on an individual or corporation before they are engaged. Whether they are an agent or consultant, a supplier or a distributor, a partner or potential acquisition, Our private investigators can gather the information and intelligence needed.

Skip Tracing - Skip Tracing is a specialty of our research experts. Our investigators are called upon by law enforcement and law firms along with other investigative companies to find individuals that do not want to be found. Do to our unprecedented resources a we have one of the best locate rates in the industry.

Process Service - SCS has developed a reputation of being able to serve people when others have failed. Unlike process servers who simply knock on the door and leave if there is no answer, we will investigate to determine if the person still lives or works at the location, or if they have multiple addresses. Our private investigators have years of experience in this area. We are creative and aggressive in our tactics while ensuring we remain within legal boundaries. We are conversant in the nuances of personal service versus substitute service to make sure the service we obtain for our clients is good the first time.

Digital Forensics & Informational Security - SCS has done extensive research and monitoring of the growing risks associated with electronic data transfer technology, the Internet, and the use of technology for financial fraud, cyber crimes and other criminal activities. SCS and its information security and computer forensic investigators have responded to this developing area of concern with professionals trained in data retrieval analysis and technologies. A simple keystroke program (monitoring computer input information) installed on a company computer could prove devastating to sensitive emails and confidential proprietary information.

Computer and cell phone forensics deals with the restoration, preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of computer, cell phone and tablet/pad evidence. Evidence might be sought in a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but not limited to theft of trade secrets, theft or destruction of intellectual property, fraud and violation of fiduciary duty. Many types of criminal and civil proceedings can and do make use of evidence revealed by computer forensics.

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