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Investigative  Services

Business Intelligence / Corporate Fraud - SCS’s Business Intelligence, financial and fraud detection, along with prevention strategies, help businesses maintain continuity and reputation. Investigators assess the specific fraud and develop a tailored investigation strategy to uncover it and prevent similar fraud in the future. SCS’s experts in corporate fraud provide direction for investigation and prosecution of cases.

Employee Investigations  - SCS has conducted hundreds of employee investigations. Whether it be employee misconduct, harassment, theft or competition enforcement.

Allegations of employee misconduct are disruptive to the work place, increase tension between management and labor and lead to increased liability for your business. When an employee is suspected or accused of wrongdoing, a timely and objective investigation is necessary to determine the facts.

Theft is the most severe acts of disloyalty, sufficient to justify immediate termination. But before effectuating a termination, employers should take care to conduct a thorough internal investigation to provide a factual basis for decision making. Management must have a thorough understanding of the facts before making this type of decision. Done correctly, an investigation can prevent an internal problem from becoming an external one, mitigate potential for morale and productivity problems, and prevent legal problems and financial losses. The investigation process applies to investigations of business and employment matters including allegations of theft, misconduct, employee competence and/or performance, concerns of safety or harm to property.

Employee Time Theft,  Non-Competition Enforcement and Hostile Terminations are all part of our Employee Investigation Services.

Background Investigations - SCS's in-depth background investigations find pertinent and specific information on an individual, company, or organization. Each of our background investigations are individually customized to our client’s needs and requests. There are numerous and wide-ranging types of information that can be obtained on an individual, or business via a background check.

The type of information typically requested are criminal history and civil litigation records, current, and past employment status, vital statistic and education verification, drivers license status, UCC judgments, address and real property ownership along with social networking and associate searches. SCS also conducts comprehensive Business Relationship Vetting along with Tenant and Vendor Screening.

Due Diligence - Corporate reputation and good will, along with brand name equity, are earned over many years. These are among a company’s most valuable and most delicate assets. In today's "mass media" environment, a single transaction or bad association can create frenzy for scandal, causing irreparable damage to a company’s good name. Thorough corporate due diligence of potential partners, clients, and employees is necessary to reduce these risks and minimize exposure to protracted and harmful litigation. Due Diligence is the systematic and specific acquisition of information on an individual or corporation before they are engaged. Whether they are an agent or consultant, a supplier or a distributor, a partner or potential acquisition, SCS can gather the information and intelligence needed.

Digital Forensics & Informational Security - SCS has done extensive research and monitoring of the growing risks associated with electronic data transfer technology, the Internet, and the use of technology for financial fraud, cyber crimes and other criminal activities. SCS and its information security and computer forensic investigators have responded to this developing area of concern with professionals trained in data retrieval analysis and technologies. A simple keystroke program (monitoring computer input information) installed on a company computer could prove devastating to sensitive emails and confidential proprietary information.

Computer and cell phone forensics deals with the restoration, preservation, identification, extraction and documentation of computer, cell phone and tablet/pad evidence. Evidence might be sought in a wide range of computer crime or misuse, including but not limited to theft of trade secrets, theft or destruction of intellectual property, fraud and violation of fiduciary duty. Many types of criminal and civil proceedings can and do make use of evidence revealed by computer forensics. 

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